To celebrate the 140th Anniversary of the Gestetner Duplicator, printmakers, artists, musicians and composers have come together to share their work at this on-line gallery.

Patented in 1881- the Gestetner revolutionised the office making printing easy, cheap and widely accessible. Its simplicity and economy put it at the heart of the community where schools, clubs and organisations churned out reams of pamphlets, weekly bulletins and newsletters. But behind closed doors the Gestetner sat just as solidly at the epicentre of counter culture as a DIY tool for fanzine writers, beat poets, anarchists and agitators. Hovering in the hazy world between counter culture and the truly clandestine, it helped to foster freedom and express the shock of the new.


All artwork has been created using gestetners, mimeos and risograph duplicators. Click on each print for the printmaker's details and links



The layout of the Gestetner duplicator’s stencil holes create a visual score which can be interpreted musically or transcribed as a melody:

Following a call out to musicans and producers, the gestetner140 EP features a selection of tracks composed and created using this visual score as inspiration.

Pin holes by Rowan Flack

A Little Frenzy by Sam Jessom

A Square With No Edges by James Moss

Decorative Plum by James Moss

Dramatically New by illMono

Jellyfish by Moe Jams

Parakeet by James Moss

The Haunted House at Trowbridge Fair by Jess Momas


Using the Gestetner's visual score, we have created the Gestetner140 interactive music player. With noises and sounds conceived and created for the project alongside the percussive sound of a working Gestetner 360, you can play, experiment, compose and explore creating an infinite number of melodies and soundscapes. Have fun with it!

Huge Inky Thanks to : James Moss, Sarah Bodman & CFPR, Jim Pennington, Dan Dan the Riso man, Mic Palmer, Leonie Bradley & Cello Press, Erwin Blok, Chris Littlewood.

Project conception : Gin Saunders

Music player & Website design: Erik Tomica
Music director: James Moss

Sponsored by CFPR