Before photocopiers took over copy-making, messier, cheaper simpler duplicators ruled the world. Patented in 1881- the Gestetner revolutionised the office making printing easy, cheap and widely accessible.

Its simplicity and economy put it at the heart of the community where schools, clubs and organisations churned out reams of pamphlets, weekly bulletins and newsletters. But behind closed doors the Gestetner sat just as solidly at the epicentre of counter culture as a DIY tool for fanzine writers, beat poets, anarchists and agitators. Hovering in the hazy world between counter culture and the truly clandestine, it helped to foster freedom and express the shock of the new.

2021 marks the 140th Anniversary of the Gestetner Duplicator and to celebrate, artists, printmakers, musicians and producers are invited to come together and create a virtual gallery of sounds and images.

Deadline for all submissions: April 15th.
Pop-up gallery opens here: 19th April.
Winners announced: 15th May.

By submitting your work, you agree to take part in the virtual exhibition and agree for your work to be reproduced in any media related to the event.


You can submit prints and artworks created on mimeos, dittos, spirit duplicators, risographs, duplos and of course the glorious Gestetner!

You can also include your website, Instagram or other point of contact if you want it displayed alongside your work. All submissions will be exhibited in a virtual gallery at going live on April 19th.

Submission Details

Please send your jpg submission by email to: ensuring that the subject line contains your full name, the title of your print and the make and model of the duplicator it was printed on.

Thanks to Dan Dan the Riso-man, the winning printmaker will receive an EZ-201 Risograph printer! and runners up will win a copy of Risomania by J.Z. Komurki, L. Bendandi and L. Bogoni.

Gallery opens April 19th

For queries/further info please contact us here:


You can submit tracks influenced and inspired by Gestetner using the visual score below.

The layout of the Gestetner duplicator’s drum pin holes can be interpreted in different ways to create the ‘sound’ of the duplicator. It can represent pitch or rhythm in stave music, as midi notes on Logic in different keys, or even denote fingerings for wind instruments. Please use this in any way you choose as the inspiration for your composition.

This visual score is the creative starting point for your music. Other aspects may be incorporated such as recording this melody at 140 bpm (in honour of the 140th birthday) or sampling the sound of the duplicator. The above phrase of music is open to flexible interpretation and should act as a guide only.

Here is an example of the pin holes being transcribed to be used as a melody:

Submission Details

Please send your submission by email to: with your name and track title.

Files must be WAV, AIFF or MP3 and not exceed 4GB. These will be uploaded to SoundCloud so please include as a download link or attachment.

All tracks will be available for free public download via SoundCloud.

1st Prize: £100, runners up; Dust and Grooves by Eilon Paz and Noise Water Meat by D.Kahn.

Gallery opens April 19th

For queries/further info please contact us here:


Gallery opens April 19th

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